Principal & Warden     :    Dr. V. RAJENDRAN

Deputy Warden           :  Mrs.T.Neelaveni, Lecturer/First Year Engineering

Account officer           :  Dr. B. SenthilKumar, Lecturer/Commercial Practice


  • Hostel is under CCTV Surveillance
  • Hygienic Vegetarian mess
  • Treated water is used for cooking and drinking purpose
  • No. of rooms available – 78
    • Siruvani Hostel -54 rooms
    • Bhavani Hostel-12 rooms
    • Noyyal hostel -12 rooms
  •  Students Total Students accommodation capacity is 300
  •  TV hall -1
  •  Rooms furnished with cots, cupboards & chairs.
  •  Telephone facility [Coin box] is available


  • Rooms once allotted for the academic year are not interchangeable without the permission of the deputy warden/ resident tutor.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed in the hostel premises
  • Married students are not eligible for hostel accommodation.
  • Students should not keep large amount of cash or costly items like electronic gadgets, [Mobiles] gold chains, rings etc in their room. Management will not be held responsible for any loss.
  • Students should not tamper any of the electrical and other permanent fittings in the rooms. Any loss or damage to the fittings shall be recovered from the occupants concerned.
  • Use of electrical appliances without permission will lead to expulsion of the students from the hostel.
  • As far as loss or damage of electrical and other fittings common to all the students of block is concerned, such cost will be recovered on collective basis.
  • When students go out of their room while going to college, for long intervals, dinner, attendance the lights should be switched off
  • Students should not arrange any function or meeting within the hostel or outside.
  • Any student removed from the college will automatically be ceased from hostel.
  • Accommodation in the hostel will not be given to students who are not active boarders in the hostel.
  • Abnormal activities of any nature causing disturbance to neighbours are strictly prohibited.
  • Students should not paste any posters/pictures etc on the walls, doors, windows and shelves.
  • No person or student other than the boarder should be found in the hostel. If any unauthorized person is found in the hostel, strict action will be taken against the boarder in whose room the person is found and she will be expelled from the hostel.
  • Telephones provided in the blocks should not be misused.
  • Washing clothes during night time after 10.00 p.m. is not permitted.
  • Inmates will be allowed to go home once in a month only if parents come to receive them. The students are not permitted to go with guardian, unless there is a specific requisition from parents.
  • The students should get permission from the Principal & Warden/ the Deputy Warden before 2 days of going home. They will be permitted to go home only after 5 p.m.  on the day they are going home
  • Only authorized visitors are permitted. They should have the visitor’s card [green card] with photo affixed and signed by the Principal & Warden/ the Deputy Warden. Parents are permitted to receive their daughter only if they have white card with their photo affixed and signed by the Principal & Warden/ the Deputy Warden.
  • Students should return to the hostel before 6.00 p.m.


  • The mess bill will be displayed on the Notice board by the first week of the succeeding month. All hostel bills should be paid before the 20th of the month positively.
  • For late payment, a fine of Rs.12 /- (Rupees Twelve only) will be collected up to 30th. Beyond 30th parents are informed regarding the payment.
  • If any student discontinues from the hostel, her mess dues will be adjusted from the Caution Deposit and balance amount will be refunded.
  • Members should not demand any special service from the cooks or from other servants.
  • No reduction will be given for absence in the mess. Only on special cases, reduction is permitted for valid reasons along with leave granted by the Principal / Deputy Warden.