The Examinations will be conducted at the end of each semester for semester subjects by the

Board of Examinations. A candidate will be permitted to appear for the Board’s Examinations,

only if:

(i)            he / she secures 75% attendance in the semester concerned

Condonation of Attendance:

a) The minimum overall percentage of attendance (in all subjects of the current semester put

together) required for a candidate to become eligible to write the Board’s Examination is 75%.

Under extraordinary circumstances, if there exist genuine and valid reasons, the Principal of the college has been empowered by the Chairman, (to condone up to a maximum of 10% shortage to a candidate, subject to the condition that he/ she satisfies all the other requirements to appear for the Board’s Examination. Under no circumstances a candidate with attendance less than 65% shall not be permitted to write the Board Examinations. The condonement of 10% shortage shall not be done as a routine to all candidates, but only for genuine cases; it shall not be claimed as a matter of right by all candidates The medical cond onation of 10% allowed only one time during the course of study for cases such as prolonged hospitalization / accident / specific illness.

b) Also, Candidates who have earned more than 50% attendance but fall short of the basic

requirement of 65% attendance (in all subjects of the current semester put together) shall

be permitted to proceed to the next semester, one time during the course of study by

considering all the papers in that current semester is absent and to complete the Program

of study. For such candidates by default, the classification of class shall be Second class on

successful passing of course.

The above amendments are applicable from Apri! 2023 Board Examinations onwards.