I Year -Basic Sciences-Vision Mission

Refinement of any given  knowledge occurs through conceptualization.
Such an engagement is opened up to the freshman in this college. The faculty members here ensure the novice with an enlightening journey through out the first year. The department also strives to instill scientific  temper and encourage the students to understand the subjects well. The core engineering subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and the concept of engineering design are being taught. Subsequently the novices are not only being taught or trained in English as a second language, but also being coached in English communication and life skills. Exposing the novices to the core ideas lets them apply it to other fields.

The faculty members are aware that most of the current novices will end up in jobs that haven been invented yet! So the teaching fraternity is readying "Posthumans" to survive in the "Brave new World". The journey does not end either with the first year or with the course. As the novices are accelerated into the future, they sprout as adept technicians, research scholars, scientists or entrepreneurs. For instance, Our Nubile Newtons shall restate Newtons second law as follows! The greater the mass of rocket fuel burned, and the faster the gas produced can escape the engine, the greater the thrust of the rocket. They also shall rename "Silicon Valley" as "Graphite Valley"!